What We Do

We map the country to collect and build data of performing artists across all genres, locations and experience levels. The data is then cleaned and organized to become usable towards



Considering the herculean task that just mapping a country like India is, let alone the vision to solve deep-rooted problems of a niche community, collaboration and association with like-minded individuals and organizations is our coherent approach to delivering on the task undertaken.

To collaborate, we look out for individual leaders and organizations working or interested towards

  • Affluence of folk artists
  • Skill development in art and culture
  • Human resource planners
  • Development of regional talent in performing arts
  • Efficiency and productivity enhancers in media and entertainment industry
  • Thinkers and policy makers for Art, Culture, Youth and Entertainment
  • Resolving issues around employment, migration and wellbeing of youth
  • Crowd funding platforms for creative professionals and community building
  • Technology thinkers and enablers for machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Analysis of data from media and entertainment industry with published insights or reports
  • Stream lining the legal rights and responsibilities of all stakeholders in entertainment
  • Building the usable content creation, showcase and revenue models for future
  • Creation of a sustainable ecosystem for performing artists in action packed centers of media and entertainment, globally


Ever thought how the performing arts industry has been affected and how it affected the artists working in the same industry from years and surviving in this tough situation of Covid-19.

As an organization, we, DRFPA, is constantly looking out for such artists and also the situation which can be tough for the whole industry and spreading awareness about the same so that more and more people know about the current situation of this industry. People usually don’t talk that much about this one industry, The performing arts industry, and that is why we put a light constantly on this particular industry.



Indian Heritage has much to offer in terms of History, Art & Music. An event that celebrated the rich musical heritage of India, Alakh was an enigmatic affair for its audiences. A throwback to this Hindustani Classical Music concert through its exuberant artists!

Check Alakh Videos Click On Below Buttons:

ALAKH 2020

Alakh 2020 Baba Bhai Performance | Classical Music

Alakh 2020 Soumitra Thakur & Yashwant Vaishnav Performance | Classical Music

Alakh 2020 Shaukat Hussain and Team Performance | Classical Music

Alakh 2020 Gulam Hasan Khan Byte | Classical Music

Alakh 2020 | Young Musicians Concert | Classical & Folk Music

ALAKH 2019

Alakh: Soumitra Thakur along with Zuheb Ahmed Khan

Alakh: Vocalist Ghulam Hasan Khan along with Zakir Dholpuri & Romaan Khan

Alakh: Fazal Dholpuri along with Tanishq Dholpuri and Zakir Dholpuri

Alakh: Initiative to spread Hindustani Classical Music


Handling damage & Initiating reboot of art & artists



Art & artists have a way into our heart. From birth to death, we have never really stayed away from the touch of an artists work. They often work from low wages to free also but produce an equally mersmerizing performance for our experience.

Lockdown has affected most performing artists beyond recovery
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Art, Culture & Entertainment: Rebooting
While the global pandemic has hit us all to the rock bottom, one of the communities that got affected the most was the performing arts community...view more



We always have a little more than we really need. It is that little that might just help another person by becoming a life-saving miracle and why not if it a performing artist.

Let there be a healthy mother and educated daughter
We can make a family educated and healthy by a small help, We are doing just that..view more
Let's Educate the new generation
We can make the younger generation an educated one with every help we can. Let's educate them...view more
Holding hand for one another's health
The only thing one wants is that their parents live a good life in their old age, we just make sure of it...view more


The benefits are deeply inter-linked across all realms of media and entertainment industry globally but the most specific and immediate benefit is for

- Performing artists

- Organizations working towards Art and Culture

- Organizations for skill development

- Organizations for employment generation

- Recruiters for entertainers– Producers, Directors, Assistant Directors, Casting Directors, Music Directors, Modeling agencies, Production houses, TV channels, Radio Channels, Event Management companies, Web content companies, Line producers, Independent Artists, Bands & groups etc

The fact that you have been able to put forward this question is our first support to all artists like you. Creating a viable space which performing artists know that they can get to. We find you or you find us but the immediate step is to find each other and form a connected-tribe. While connecting and forming the tribe, Do Right Foundation looks at you deeply to understand you, your work, your uniqueness and your skill. We also scan for areas where you need support. This information is then relayed to those who can be of help or those are already looking for someone like you.

How about you doing something valuable for Do Right Foundation and your tribe instead?

While we will provide you insights and reports based on our data and your inquiries but we will also introduce you to our sibling organization – MatchMyTalent, which is a unique search engine for you to not just do a deep search and find performing artists from any location, gender, age or experience level across the country but also benefit from its community driven facilities like – Ask, Guise, Narrative, Industry Beat, Task Managery etc. All these facilities are built exclusively for professionals like you since apart from your own personal network, internet is not really able to fill the gaps of information and research for you.

For sure! You would just have to be a little more specific about your questions. While we totally understand that there are so many questions when we start looking in this direction but use us to get specific answers and we will help you every bit.

By bringing speed, action and logic into the tasks that are anyways under the mandate of government departments to process but with our existent expertise and experience, the process could take the leap and deliver accurate, relevant and quick results.

if you are a performing artist, your work specific information is used in the following manner:

Gender, location, age, genre of work, native location, educational background, work experience, specialization, specification, showreel etc is used to create your detailed profile on, which is a search engine for industry to directly find an artist and his work.

The same information is used by Do Right Foundation for research and analytics like – number of male bhangra dancers in chandigarh, new rock bands in Siliguri, female visharad musicians under 40 years of age etc. These insights help us work with government, policy makers and other organizations in bringing welfare schemes, products and services that make a difference in the way you experience your working environment.

Spread the word and help us reach each performing artists In India and across the globe who is committed to their art and would either benefit from a community like ours or would be able to contribute. We do believe that what goes around, comes around.