Information about Kailash Rane

Kailash Rane Before Lockdown

It is always good to hear good music and when you listen to such artists it can definitely make you feel better when you feel it completely. Having such artists in this industry makes this industry larger than life and we are very much glad that we are associated with this performing arts industry.

Meet Kailash Digambar Rane..
An Octapad player from Ahmedabad who has been a musician for the last 20 years.Kailash Rane is the sole breadwinner of his family of five, including him.

Rane's musical expertise can be gauged from the fact that on an average, he used to be a part of 10-12 events, national or international, in a month along with his groups. Apart from shows, he also runs a YouTube channel, showcasing his artistic brilliance and finesse.

His Mother, a senior citizen, has a medical condition that requires her to be on medication constantly, which is rather expensive. He has a daughter whose school fee needs to be paid regularly, regardless of whether or not his source of income is steady.

It was a hard situation, and Rane's constant rounds of gigs were the only source of relief. Until the CoVid-19 pandemic erupted, and with it, a worldwide crisis never seen before.

In the wake of total lockdown due to CoVid-19 pandemic, Kailash Rane lost all his gigs and had to cancel all scheduled shows. He and his family were cut off from the only source of cash flow.

This situation led Kailash to choose an alternative to fulfil their daily minimum expenses and requirements. Thank God for a car that he had bought when he was financially stable, Kailash started cab driving to keep his family's head above water.

Kailash Rane After Lockdown

But unfortunately, driving a cab does not pay nearly enough, especially in a lockdown situation when people are not stepping out of their homes and hailing cabs.

Kailash Rane is an industry veteran of 20 years, having been a part of 11 international tours as an Octapad player. He has been part of various types of events such as Marriage, Corporate events, School events, Birthday parties, Cultural events and others.

Rane is one of those musicians who never gave up on their dreams. He has been creating his music since a very young age, which has made him receptive to traveling, learning new things and polishing his craft.

Expenses Breakdown
Expense Amount Time Period Details About the expenses
26-28K Monthly Over all total expenses
7-8K Monthly Car expenses, car Maintenance, car loan Premium, Car fuel
1-2K Monthly Snacks and food while driving Cab here & there
4-5K Monthly Daily household things such as vegetables, grocery and other necessary things
10-12K Monthly Daughter's school fees, medical expenses of parents
Earnings Breakdown
Before Lockdown
Amount of Money Time Period Details about the earning
50K INR Monthly Octapad player for events such as weddings, parties etc.
After lockdown
Amount of Money Time Period Details about the earning
10K INR Monthly Cab Driving
5K INR Monthly Security Guard work (Dad)
How does he manage the current Deficit?

Say it fortunate or unfortunate, Kailash Rane had a car when he was earning well and he utilized it well when lockdown happened by starting out as a cab driver. So whatever money he can get from cab service he is utilizing the amount in daily routines which in the best way he can.

How can you help?

DRFPA always looks up to the people who are associated with the performing arts industry and due to various reasons could not be able to survive the daily life and are very keen to remain connected to their craft and art.

Any help would be appreciated and we make sure that the money we raised from this campaign reaches out to correct hands and utilize it well.

Amount of Money Period Recovery from contribution
10K INR Monthly Can cover Car maintenance, Car fuel, loan premium, his own daily expenses while he drive a cab
15K INR Monthly Daughter's School Fees and Medical Situation of his parent
Custom Amount Monthly Daily Wages and Household things help