Information about Prakash Raja

Prakash Raja Before Lockdown

This is the only thing I have learned and this is the only thing I am good at. I'll do this in every second chance I'll get.

Words that resonate long after being uttered. These are the words spoken by Prakash Raja, an Indian professional singer, who has been in the music biz for 25 years now.

Raja had shown his love for singing from a very young age. Inspired by his father who was a very successful singer, he had started voice-coaching with him. Looking at the passion of his own father towards music nourished the love he himself had for the art-form. He would practise day and night, with or without his father, grooming himself over the years. His dedication made him successful enough to take him to far away countries, as a part of overseas events in the USA, UK, Dubai and various other places.

Overnight, due to lockdown and pandemic situation, feeding and taking care of his family became a source of stress for Prakash.

His desperate hunt for a source of income led him to find a job in a handkerchief factory. He managed to be hired as an artisan on a contract basis. His job is to stitch the borders of handkerchiefs. He gets daily wages for this job, and the pay depends upon how many handkerchiefs he stitched. When the replacement came back to work, Raja was forced to take reduced working hours, (which means reduced pay) since they don't want to fire the previous guy who is an expert artisan.

In his conversation, Prakash Raja continuously lamented the drastic turn his life has taken due to the pandemic and lockdown. There was a time when I did around 10 shows per month. And now, I’m forced to do part time factory work, twice a week. I never thought a situation so unfathomable and disruptive could ever occur. But then again, no matter how worse a situation, if it came to my family’s well-being and happiness, I will take a bullet if necessary.

Prakash Raja After Lockdown

Expenses Breakdown
Expense Amount Time Period Details About the expenses
15-17K Monthly Over all total expenses
4-5K Monthly Regular expenses and household expenses
10K Monthly Daughter’s School Fees
Earnings breakdown
Before Lockdown
Amount of Money Time Period Details about the earning
20-25K INR Monthly Singer for various events such as weddings, Garba nights etc.
After Lockdown
Amount of Money Time Period Details about the earning
5K INR Monthly Working twice in a week in a handkerchief factory
How does he manage the current Deficit?

In the beginning of the lockdown, it was the savings of the years which helped Prakash to bear the minimum expenses and household things and expenses. Eventually, it is getting difficult day by day to survive in this situation and at the moment his Wife and daughter are at his wife’s home and here he is finding as much work as he can to get some amount of money on hand to survive on daily routine bases.

How can you help?

Based on the story and difficulties faced by Prakash Raja, we DRFPA are raising this amount to provide an educational ease to his daughter and she can learn all those things which her school teaches online. A small helping hand can make her future better so why not?

Any help would be appreciated and we make sure that the money we raised from this campaign reaches out to correct hands and utilize it well.

Amount of Money Period Recovery from contribution
5K INR Monthly Daily Wages and household things
10K INR Monthly Daughter’s School fees
Custom Amount Monthly A little help can add up the value to someone’s life