Let there be a healthy mother and educated daughter

Recently Pandemic hit the industry real hard and we have covered many such artists as well who were really affected by the situation and it has become worse day by day for them.One such artist named Mr. Kailash Rane from Ahmedabad, who has been very active in the industry from the last 20 years and has been associated with various groups as an octapad player.

But, due to Pandemic he will not be able to perform or get any event orders as well because the navratri is not happening. Now, he started working as Ola cab driver but that was not enough as he had to pay up the car EMI.

Let's Educate the new generation

Corona has affected this performing arts industry the most and the main thing is nobody knows about such an industry that much and the people associated with it.

one such artist whose name is Mr. Prakash Raja, Ahmedabad based singer who has been associated with this field for the last 25 years and more. But as the pandemic hit, the shows and social gatherings have totally shut and thus Mr. Prakash has been jobless in the first 2-3 months of lockdown.

Due to lack of work, he opted out for an alternative. One of his friends was working in a handkerchief factory where he got the contract based daily jobs of stitching borders of handkerchiefs and getting daily wages of some amount based on how many handkerchiefs borders he completes.

Holding hand for one another's health

Sunil Nimavat from Rajkot who has been a tabla player over the decade and now is finding it tough to survive on a daily basis as well due to Covid-19 and Pandemic Situation and restriction of social gathering and events.

He started as a construction worker with help and reference of his friend and was getting just 500 Rs. per day, but it got worse and he had to leave that work also because of his father’s illness.