Art, Culture & Entertainment: Rebooting

with The Maitri Project

An initiative of Match My [Talent], The Maitri Project began as a thought experiment during the peak of the pandemic with the single objective to reconnect performing artists with their audiences in the midst of a global lockdown.

The journey that started in April 2020, is still going strong, with 55 shows held featuring a whopping 115 artists from across the subcontinent and talents. Uptil its latest episode, the show has featured some really remarkable artists.

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DRFPA lends its full support to the cause of the Maitri Project We invite you to join hands to extend a hand of support to the under privileged and suffering from the global pandemic of Covid-19.

Maitri: An initiative for Indie artists to grow network

Performing arts have been all about interaction with the audience at an arm's distance. With global lockdown, that opportunity seized overnight for the performers. However, the presence of a rich digital system in the country helped the audience to cope up with the impact with generous outpour of art and culture on digital mediums.

This phase survived on what the artists had created before or during the pandemic period. It wasn't designed' for live streaming. When it came to that, a large part of the population who are fantastic artists found themselves new to the digital interfaces and could not plug and play to entertain the audience.

The loud question looming around us has been - How is it going to sustain?

To create new dimensions in the community which both the artists as well as the audience need, considerable RESEARCH and FOCUS needs to be made to create the formats and content that will probably work in digital media from the performing arts side.

Maitri: An initiative for Indie artists to grow network

The Maitri Project from Match My [Talent] has been one of the first and longest standing initiatives where during the pandemic we looked at what do we have and how do we bring it to the benefit of one another. Match My [Talent] had the audience community and the network for artists. As both needed each other to complete the experience, they formed the stage and brought them together.

The Maitri Project is a platform where artists leverage the community and get more visibility over and beyond their network, and at the same time, the audience gets to know about artists in the times where they were more open to adapt and explore new artists' content served on a different stage. Future is now open to larger possibilities than the past.